Long driveway

Not every day goes as planned, certainly that is a reality of life. I thought I had plans for today, yet I must have forgotten to plan for the motivation. My leg felt odd waking up this morning and it was hard to stretch it out, every while still laying in bed with no weight on it. Yet, once I got up and on it, it’s been feeling better- that “full” feeling again. I think this wide stance is really paying off, which is good, because it makes my thighs sore to do it. Yet do it I have, with each walk since the first a few days ago, I’m focusing on wide steps.

I can really notice the difference that it’s making to.  With the balance issues and spasms in my left leg, I end up taking a lot more steps than I need to.  Like if I walk towards a chair to sit, the steps to get there of course, yet then I’ll take five more to get my body turned around and ready to sit. With my wider stance, I seem to be able to pivot better off from either leg and shaving down those extra steps.

Letting my legs relax this morning led all the way til noon, by then the wind had picked up and I spend most of the day learning some structural lessons on my new tarp tent design.  Added a few ratchet straps and it’s holding up straight again.  Yet today was only twenty to thirty, tomorrow will be thirty to forty. The temps seem to take a drop over the next week, with daytime highs in the fifties and just over thirty at nights.  With that, I also rearranged the shelter so that I can enclose it completely at night to keep the heat in.

Temperature wise, last night was perfect, at least a perfect mix for my sleeping gear. My thinner red throw blanket like a sheet around me and the mummy bag opened over top of me, I could not have slept more comfortable I thought, until I thought that, and then told myself the sleeping pad was a touch on the flat side. (The sleeping pad is nice, an inch thick by itself, or can be inflated to and inch and half or so- even ‘flat’ it’s at least an inch thick of padding.)

Hoping to sleep early, wake early and have a good day tomorrow, whatever may come- I’m not going to try to plan it.

Til then,

Time to rest.

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