Going somewhere

I suppose that is the goal. I’ve been thinking about goals today, namely that perhaps I should have some. Yes yes, we know what my goal on earth is (to get to heaven,) yet something a little more concrete to keep moving me forward. Well, to clarify, as I read back myself what I’ve typed, I think I need to be more intentional about the goals I have. More measured.

Cost efficient living. What is the the lowest monthly living expense that I can maintain? How long can I go without spending money? How long can I go without opening Amazon on my laptop, how many orders until I have “enough”. What is enough? Enough what? Enough stuff (to later sort through?) I think I have an issue with always wanting one more thing. I need to spend more time using what I have, enjoying what I have rather than thinking I want one more thing.

Such as my cameras, I’ve spent more time shopping for lenses for this journey than I have spent dedicated to photography. Ahh, tangent.. I’ll get back to that.. maybe I should spend some time behind the viewfinder this week.

Measurable goals. How many days can I go without starting the car? That, to me, sounds like a nice measurable goal. With a nice secondary goal being how many miles can I put on my legs in between starts of the car?

Okay, for the the day.  Woke up with no cereal.  Actually, with cereal but no milk. I somehow forgot to put it away yesterday after breakfast and a few hours later when I noticed I was not about to trust it. (I have milk trust issues.) When in doubt, throw it out. That seemed to stall my morning, yet I knew I was headed in town.

Finally made it to the Forestry Field Office and picked up my MVUM. This paper map, coupled with pen, paper and compass will allow me complete navigational ability even in case of a complete electronic disruption. A nice ranger answered the few questions I had pertaining to fires, firearms and water availability. And he even suggested a route to sooth my yearn to see trees (it’s been over a month now since I’ve seen anything taller than fifteen feet.)

Forrest road five forty, the southern edge of the forrest. I want to get there and park for a long time. I need to make a list..

Okay, I’m tired… what else. Oh, unmotivated from the lack of milk, I didn’t get put to take a shower until eleven am. I’ve taken showers earlier and much later, yet this may be the sweet spot- my first hot shower in this place. I will try that time slot again.

In town to the forestry office, Walmart, CVS (attempted to pick up prescriptions, yet an issurance issue sent me away empty handed) and the Bud Board for another ten prerolls. Then, back to the site for dinner.

Tomorrow, it’s time to start getting ready for the mountains. With a list.

Time to rest.

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