Another day, like yesterday or the day before. I’ve found that I like this “cold” weather here, at least during the daytime. With the highs in the fifties, I wasn’t looking forward to these few days. However, even with the clouds it didn’t feel that bad at all. With a hoodie, have to have layers. If anything the cooler days are nice, I don’t end up with my shirt off by two pm, then redressing by dusk.

Also the cooler days lend well to longer walks. Not that I took one of those today. I woke up a little earlier today, while it was still dark, yet rolled back over easily enough. It was cold last night, thirty eight I think, and down to thirty three tonight. Once inside my sleeping tent, I’m more than comfortable with my blankets and mummy bag. And stepping out of there inside the larger tarp tent is nice and private.

This morning after a drive up the the restrooms and back, I was sitting and eating my cereal breakfast and I finally figured out what was off. It was quiet. Calm. No wind at all. No flapping of the tarps either. It was so peaceful. The tarp tent held together through the wind storms, yet the flapping was driving me nuts. The tarp tent lacked the necessary tension and my impromptu repairs in the wind did little to restore it.

Today was different though. Calm. At first, I was just going to tighten it up a little in the back. Hours later, I was done and very satisfied. Same essential design, yet now it is a lot more geometrically taut. It’s not quite airtight, yet the draft is much better now than it was last night. With the propane heater going, it is fifty seven degrees in here. A bit chill, yet the hoodie is still on, and with a fuzzy blanket on my lap, it’s not so bad.

Two more cool nights, then it will be up to fifty five at night for the next week. Tomorrow I get to go pickup my Amazon packages. No where to have them delivered here at the park, yet Carlsbad had a “Blind Dropbox” as a delivery location. I received an email with a barcode today, and tomorrow I’m to go to the location, scan the barcode, and watch a door pop open with my package inside. I don’t want to waste a trip into town, so I’ll likely make a few other stops too.

I did notice they have a brand new planet fitness in town.. that could be a very good thing for me right now.

Another walk though the desert, saw a cute little purple cactus and had to snap a shot. I wasn’t able to walk much, and I wasn’t able to walk the soreness out of my legs. I think I overdid a bit yesterday. These miles are “more” when I am stepping though blazing, rather than walking on asphalt or an already groomed trail.

Time to rest.

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