A gift

Item four) make a list. Cross it off. At the end of the day, move on and be happy with what I’ve accomplished, look for the places I can improve, and start again.  With the same list, or maybe a new list, just don’t through out the old one.  Sometimes it’s easy to mark an item as ‘done’, as a task for it is done, yet the item is not done.

Maybe this is new, maybe this is old, yet I am not doing well with time management, multitasking and some of those associated skills groups.  Being diagnosed yet untreated ADHD my entire life until recently didn’t help much either.  Yet certainly it’s been since my incident the issues really began to arise to a problematic state.

When it’s only possible to get out of bed once, you have to make a list of everything you want in one trip.  You may not be able to make another for the rest of the day.  Careful, don’t get stuck.  Once back in bed, (and hopefully, unlike this sentence) you check the list again after you checked it before you got back in bed also.  Sooner you forgot something the better.

Water refill? Do I need to take pills? might have to push for second trip.  Left the wipes or a urinal out of reach.. have to plan ahead for these things.  Everything I’m not good at.  That alone was enough, yet that couples quickly with pre-existing social anxiety, now magnified a hundred fold at every error I may make in a public place.

Today was quiet. Neighbors left early, were gone all day.  The cove is nearly empty – one trailer down on the lake loop.  And one more older gentleman with a van, a tent, and a dog.  His name is Ken.  He’s been here a while too. (Left for a while, and has since comeback.). In any case, he’s seen my progress in walking over the almost seven weeks I’ve been in Texas.

He walked up this evening, politely asking for a jump tomorrow at my convenience.  Of course I said, and offered it immediately, yet he insisted it was not necessary.  Chatting more, he asked what was in my pipe.  Just tobacco.  He offered other options at his campsite, so I felt inclined to take a drive on the backside loop.

It’s been a relaxing evening.

Tomorrow, I’ll start again with my new daily steps: pray, move, work, list.  And the list part, that has to change.  Yes, if I have to take off, then the list is done, even if things are left behind.  Yet on the daily, it doesn’t work that way.

The things I didn’t fully complete today, have to be picked up tomorrow.  And for the list I made on the sixth.

Now I’m two lists behind, will wake up and make a very small list for tomorrow- then start on the backlog.

See photo above, a parting gift from Joe; a boombox mpthree player he found in the woods broken.. said he thought it odd, yet thought of me and carried it back.  Broke it down and found some good free parts.. about thirty bucks of stuff on Amazon

Time to rest.

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