Think about it.

I always think about it first. I hope everyone does before they write or speak. Yet I wonder what other people think about.

I learned an anagram that seems to work well, THINK.  Before you speak, is it thoughtful, helpful, inspirational, necessary, and kind.  And that is the filter I do try to use, I recommend it.  At the same time, I wonder how other people, internally within themselves would debate each of those five points.

There are other anagrams I like to, some I can’t remember, and many I’ve integrated into my own, such as: evaluate, choose, execute, re-evaluate. I might have heard that somewhere, pieces of it certainly, though I’m not sure if ever in that form.  I had plans to go write somewhere today, yet that did not seem to happen.  What I wanted to do was not ever the next best choice.  However, sitting here typing this now at eleven forty seven, I do not regret my day at all.

I woke, a bit sore from sleeping on the sand, I’ll do it again tonight, muscles sore, yet the spine feels straighter.  Missed sunrise, yet I’ll hope have another chance tomorrow for a photo, we’ll see.  If not, then not.

I was offered a job today for the first time in over a year.  As an apprentice gold prospector eighty miles north of Tok, Alaska.  I would be working on a two man vacuum dredging rig, partnered in with a forty sixty split, after expenses (fuel and ten percent to the claim owner.)

Being a drastic change of plans (well, I had no plan,) I texted my son.  Sometimes it helps me think to say things out loud (or in text to others.)  Sometimes especially when it’s version one of a new idea.  I bought some gold from Kent today, two point two four grams for one hundred dollars.  First time I’ve paid by the gram for something I couldn’t smoke.

I’ve decided that if the gold I bought is real, I will go mine in Alaska this summer.  It’s only a one day job.

Got on the radio tonight for a local simplex net on one forty six point four eight megahertz.  Five or six checkins, three I could copy three well.

Watched my neighbors tent for a few hours so he could go to Walmart, asked if I needed anything, asked for a can of air duster.  Came back and wouldn’t take my money for it, said for watching tent.

Time to rest.

PS. Found my cross.

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