As my car is still being worked on, so I’ve been ‘homebound’ again lately.  Well, kinda.  I can walk and can easily get to the bus stop; and from there, Jackson is just a few blocks away.  However, a few blocks is a whole lot of steps in a row.. so delivery has returned as my primary mode of acquisition. Which between Amazon, DX Engineering, and, I have no problem finding things.

Though I wasn’t expecting a delivery today!  I had just ordered a new radio yesterday (at 2:27pm, see for yourself,) so I was surprised to hear a knock at my door.  Excited as I don’t get many visitors I opened the door to see my package delivered – a meer twenty one hours after ordering it online.  I did not see a delivery driver or even the package at first when I opened the door, so I glanced around to see who knocked.

The only person I saw across the street, sitting on a curb in the Family Dollar parking lot was Red, then I looked down and saw the package that had caused the knock on my door and I understood.  I hollered across the street and asked if she was okay.  The answer was no.  I hollered next if she wanted to get warm.  The answer was yes, and she stood and began to come my way.

It took me a minute to get down my steps, collect my mail (and another package) from the mail box, ascend the stairs again and make my way back to my door – when I did, Red was right behind me.  I had to clear a few things to offer a seat, then we chatted for a few minutes.  I’d mentioned some of the issues I’ve had this year (just a briefest of summaries, as I’ve already typed it too much!) and she shared some of her struggles to.  Mostly though, she shared with me how important her children are to her; three of them, newborn, two and three.

It only took a few minutes to make a connection and she even offered to help me clean some things up that I had been trying to move around myself.  Only a few minutes later she got a phone call from her friend she had been waiting for and it was time go.  Be well Red, I will continue praying for you and your children.


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