Skydive Incident – Update #7

Bought a Fitbit two months ago.. and today the ramp is gone!

I can’t wait to see this chart go up over the next few months. The Fitbit does get fooled when I use my wheelchair, as it tracks a pump of the wheels as a step, but it is still tracking activity- just my arms instead of my legs.

Finally back in real PT starting this week and for at least eight more weeks at ORS on Spring Arbor Road (and thanks YMCA for letting me work out there on my own for the last four months!) Have made a lot of progress especially in the last two months there, as I’m now up on my feet and walking everyday with a cane or walker, and day by day I’m regaining/relearning my balance and am taking some steps each day with no devices at all. The spasticity and pain remain, though I’ve been able to tolerate and control it for the most part.

I’m still awaiting my implant removal surgery, though I’ve now decided to forego ‘Henry’ and am making plans to return to Florida for it to be done – hopefully in the next week or two.

I’m very glad to be at a point where I can see daily progress, and a future where I’ll be past this. What I’ll be doing in that future is what I need to figure out next.

Going back to work in skydiving full time will likely be another season or two away at best, however, I can’t wait that long before I find a new/replacement income/profession.

Any ideas?

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