Jumps #528, #529

I must say, over the last two years there were times when I wasn’t sure if I would jump again or not.

Certainly, there is no debate over how important skydiving was to me in the past, but my life has been changed and rearranged in many ways since then.

Today though, I can simple say that I am glad I had skydiving in my life when I did, as it was able to teach me many lessons that I would not have learned otherwise. Today especially, I am glad that what I learned, both in the external skills and the internal knowledge, have been able to stay with me for long past the currency of my license.

As for the jumps, I was able to get two in, the first to remind me how much of flying ability I’ve retained.. and the second to remind me how many of my skills I’ve lost! All in all, a most blessed day.