A published piece of writing.

A published piece of writing.

I will write a post mostly likely based on your topic request on this website at jeromyalexander.com within two weeks of your donation, that is at least one word per dollar donated (and likely way more, you know me) up to the first five thousand.

The same topic for two different donation amounts may certainly bring about different levels of writing.  Repeat donations on the same topic could bring a new piece, a revision or at least a re-visiting of the previous topic. You, the reader, may now influence some of the pages that will be published in the twenty twenty three book.

At this time there are one hundred sponsorship opportunities listed. Once sold, these opportunities may not be made available again (certainly not for this price!) This, my first paid writing venture could earn one hundred dollars (if the minimum donation for each opportunity) or maybe much more.

Your request may certainly come with a request for photo's or videos too (remember, it's going to be publicly posted, with you as the content sponsor.) Want a photo of sunset over a lake.. in Hawaii?? Maybe you want to sponsor a destination trip for me? Please be sure to keep your donation in line with travel expenses and we'll see what I can do.

Presuming you're a regular reader, you may even ear mark your funds if you would like.  "Here's twenty to go buy a beer and shoot pool" and who knows what story I might come home and type. Lets see where this goes.