2019 Campaign Launch!

After months of thought and prayer, and many discussions with citizens and local stakeholders, I have come to the conclusion that I should run for Mayor in Jackson, Michigan in the 2019 election.  Although more seasoned candidates and campaign managers might do things differently, I choose to publically launch the campaign via Facebook on April Fools Day!

Some certainly asked if it was a joke or not.. and it is not.  In fact, this is likely one of the most serious tasks that I have embarked on in my life.  The next seven month march to the 14th floor will be challenging, and I am sure there will be moments of great difficulty and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in my path.  However, it’s amazing what a smile can do, and no matter what comes between now and November 5, my April Fools Campaign will help keep the smile on my face all the way through November!